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About New Roots Benfotiamine 150 mg Vitamine B1 Active (60 VCaps)

Biologically active thiamin (vitamin B1) in the form of benfotiamine is a critical nutrient for healthy nerve for individuals with polyneuropathy. New Roots Herbal’s Benfotiamine is the natural form of vitamin B1 recognized as having up to five-fold superior penetration to regular vitamin B1. The therapeutic benefit of benfotiamine lies in its capacity to block a harmful process called protein glycation, which is caused by prolonged exposure to high blood sugar. The byproducts of this destructive process, advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), can lead to diabetes-related nerve damage known as polyneuropathy.


  • For support of healthy nerve function in individuals with polyneuropathy
  • For help in energy production and to help maintain the body ‘s ability to metabolize nutrients

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