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About Natural Factors BioCoenzymated Active B Complex (VCaps)

Natural Factors BioCoenzymated Active B Complex

Natural Factors Active B Complex with full-spectrum coenzyme B vitamins is a one-a-day formula featuring highly bioavailable B vitamins alongside Farm Fresh Factors, a bioenergetic blend of phytonutrients, for active support of energy metabolism. Upgrade your standard B complex supplement to this non-GMO, vegan-friendly, advanced B complex and feel the difference!

In order for B vitamins to be utilized effectively by the body, they must be converted into their metabolically active coenzyme forms. Taking B vitamins already in their coenzymated forms allows the body to use the active B vitamins directly. Thus, the amount that is needed by the body is less in order to achieve the same benefits. Biocoenzymated takes it one step further. Using our proprietary EnviroSimplex technology, we ‘ve created a unique biocoenzymated process using organic farm fresh plant extracts from whole food sources and the coenzyme form of B vitamins to create the most metabolically active nutrient. The synergy between the phytochemicals found in these plant extracts and the coenzyme B vitamin optimizes absorption. Feel the difference!


  • One-a-day formula providing all essential B vitamins in their active forms
  • Offers balanced ratios and clinically supported doses of B vitamins
  • Formulated with bioavailable coenzyme B vitamins such as Quatrefolic (MTHF) for folate and methylcobalamin for vitamin B12
  • Includes choline and inositol to support absorption and liver health
  • EnviroSimplex technology provides a concentrated source of phytonutrients from whole foods
  • Non-GMO and suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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