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About NutriStart Quick K2 120 mcg (30 mL)

NutriStart Quick K2 120 mcg

The critical importance of vitamin K2 for us in the modern age is due to its link to two widespread ailments: osteoporosis and heart disease, in the form of atherosclerosis (calcification of the arteries).

It is well established that vitamin K develops bones during growth by directing calcium where to go in the skeleton and in the cells. Vitamin K2 is not only necessary for growing bones but will rebuild and maintain bones in adults as well, and is one of the most important nutrients required to prevent osteoporosis.

When we have enough vitamin K it will direct calcium to the bones and teeth and keep it away from the areas where it could do harm, such as the cardiovascular system and soft tissues.


  • The preferred MK7 form of K2
  • Strengthens bones which can help to prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay
  • Protects against hardening of the arteries and associated stroke risk
  • Assists in regulating blood sugar levels
  • Studies show K2 deficiency increases cancer risk
  • Enhances mental function and may help to prevent Alzheimer ‘s disease

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