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New Roots – Bergamot Essential Oil

Experience the citrusy aroma of Bergamot Essential Oil, sourced from sun-ripened bergamot fruit trees in Italy, where the peel is cold-pressed. With its vibrant and uplifting scent, Bergamot Essential Oil invigorates your mood and space. This pure oil contains zero additives.

Diffuse a few drops in your space when you feel sluggish or nervous; or customize your bath, body, and home products to enjoy bergamot’s uplifting scent.

Tested in our ISO 17025–accredited laboratory, New Roots Herbal’s pure essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% clean, undiluted, and free of any synthetic fragrances or additives.


  • Citrusy, floral scent—uplifts your senses and inspires
  • 100% pure and clean, unadulterated, free from synthetic fragrances or additives
  • Guaranteed authenticity: Contains only the essential oil of Citrus bergamia, obtained through cold pressing of its peel

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