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About Natural Factors GrapeSeedRich Grape Seed Extract Super Strength 100 mg (90 VCaps)

Natural Factors GrapeSeedRich 50mg

GrapeSeedRich Super Strength Grape Seed Concentrate is a 100:1 concentrate guaranteed to contain a minimum of 95% polyphenols and 80% proanthocyanidins. Unlike some grape seed products, GrapeSeedRich is not made from oven- or sun-dried seeds. It is made exclusively from fresh, non-GMO grape seeds separated during juice production. This method produces a high ratio of the key polyphenols.

That is why grape seed leucoanthocyanins or proanthocyanidins may be useful in a number of disorders. They improve the biochemical properties of blood vessels, and help different types of vascular disorders including capillary fragility, peripheral chronic venous insufficiency and microangiopathy of the retina. GrapeSeedRich may help allergy sufferers because the leucoanthocyanins exert an inhibiting effect on histamine release, suppressing allergy symptoms.Grape seed has been shown to be helpful against mild and severe artherosclerosis when rabbits were fed a cholesterol-rich diet.

It also helped to protect the rabbit heart against ischemica/reperfusion injury.


    • Potent antioxidant/anti-aging support
    • Supports healthy vision
    • Strengthens blood vessels and prevents varicose veins
    • Helps prevent age-related mental decline

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