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Enhance Your Memory!

Unlock the magic of your mind with LEANFIT COLLAGEN & BRAIN™. It’s your pathway to mental clarity and focus, driven by natural ingredients and essential amino acids. Get all the benefits of collagen, plus enhanced cognitive function, memory, and stress relief from the powerful blend of reishi, ginkgo, and rhodiola. Begin each day with a sharper mind and the memory-enhancing benefits you’ve been seeking, with every sip of this refreshing raspberry brain-boosting elixir. Your journey to mental wellness begins now.

7g of collagen sourced from grass-fed bovine

Reishi, ginkgo, and rhodiola; functional mushrooms to support cognitive function

Source of essential amino acids to help in collagen formation

Free from preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts, and soy


  • Enhance cognitive function and memory in adults
  • Temporarily relieve symptoms of stress

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