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About Enerex Vegan Glucosamine (90 Tablets)

Enerex Vegan Glucosamine

Glucosamine sulfate (GLS) is an important compound required to keep your joints and vertebrae moving smoothly and easily, and therefore a deficiency can bring a host of issues. GLS helps maintain the lubrication and thickness of the cartilage to provide support needed. As a building block, it also helps to rebuild worn tissue if damaged and is also used in building ligaments and tendons.

This product is easily absorbed and helps avert deficiencies or shortages in the body. Providing GLS helps keep your joints and bones strong. This vegetable source product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is equally effective in its action compared to animal sources.

My aching joints!

Nowhere is the aging process felt as evidently as in your connective tissue, particularly in your joints. According to Canadian statistics, nearly 16 percent of the population aged 20 years and over is now affected by arthritis — which is a dramatic increase.

Although you may think that you have a lot in common with others your age who have aching and creaking joints, your joint pain is unique to you: your susceptibility due to your heredity, your past and current injuries, your metabolism which influences how inflammation develops and is managed in your body, influence of your lifestyle, and the amount of acidity in your body.

There is no cure, and those drugs that are currently used have many unwanted side effects ‚Äî so it is best to try to prevent it. (There is evidence that long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs actually accelerate joint destruction in patients with osteoarthritis by interfering with the body’s healing mechanism.) Thankfully, arthritis and other degeneration conditions don ‘t happen overnight so you have plenty of time to take steps to offset the disease, or at least stop it from progressing.

Natural remedies including Glucosamine Sulfate have been used for centuries to both prevent and repair the damage without side effects.

What is Glucosamine?

Your body makes small amounts of natural Glucosamine, concentrated in joint cartilage.

Glucosamine is a combination of glucose (a sugar) and an amino acid (part of protein). In joints, Glucosamine is found in structures known as proteoglycans. These proteoglycans work to attract water into the joint area to lubricate the cartilage during movement, and that ‘s where Glucosamine is believed to play a role in cartilage formation and repair. It may protect joints and tendons from injury, and decrease inflammation in these areas and in cartilage. Glucosamine increases the thickness of the gelatinous material, creating more support for the joints and vertebrae.

Glucosamine Sulfate is not an analgesic (numbing pain) or an anti-inflammatory (artificially reducing the body ‘s healing response). Rather, it appears to halt the disease process. Improvements occur more slowly with Glucosamine Sulfate than with over-the-counter arthritis medications (NSAIDs). This is true for all healing which takes patience, time, and nurturing of the body yet eventually, Glucosamine overtakes the NSAIDs in terms of effectiveness.


  • 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate needed to repair and prevent cartilage damage
  • One convenient tablet taken once per day.
  • Readily absorbed from the intestines and stays in the blood for several hours.
  • Protects joints and tendons from injury, and decreasing pain and inflammation in joints and tendons
  • Produced using non-GMO corn starch

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